Ken Ueno


[ Compositions ] - [ Performance Notes ] - [ Selected Performances: 2002-2005 / 2006-2008 / Vocal ]

(All pieces published by New Jack Modernism Music (ASCAP) unless otherwise specified. Compositions are listed in reverse chronological order.  Performances listed indicate first performances):



Aeolus Multimedia chamber opera (2017) 90min
(alto, throat singer, string quartet and electronics)
Premiere: June 6, 2017. Jewett Auditorium, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

Gallo - a fable in music in one act (2014) 90min
(soprano, countertenor, clarinets (Bohlen Pierce, bass, and contrabass), alto sax, cello)
Premiere: May22, 2014. The Zack Box Theater, Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA
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Hapax Legomenon (2014) 20min
Concerto for two-bow cellist & orchestra
(Solo cellist, 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, alto sax, tenor sax, 2 horns, 2 trombones, 2perc, strings –
Premiere: January 17, 2014. Jordan Hall, Boston, MA. Boston Modern Orchestra Project. Commissioned by the Harvard Musical Association. Premiered by and for Frances-Marie Uitti.
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On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis (2008) 18min
concerto for overtone singer & orchestra
(Vocal soloist w/amplification + boombox, 2.2. - 2.2.2.(bass trombones), 2perc, strings
Premiere: April 29, 2008. Jordan Hall, Boston, MA. Boston Modern Orchestra Project.
This piece was made possible by a grant from the Jebediah Foundation: New Music Commissions.
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Kaze-no-Oka ( 2005) 17min
concerto for biwa and shakuhachi & orchestra
(biwa, shakuhachi, contrabass clarinet, bass saxophone, 2perc, strings -
Premiere: May 27, 2005. Jordan Hall, Boston, MA. Boston Modern Orchestra Project.
This piece was made possible by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation.
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IKU ( 2005) 40min
four movement work for orchestra
( - 4.2.2. - 2 perc, strings - + last movement also includes vocal soloist - an overtone/multiphonics singer.
Premiere: yet to be performed.

Apmonia ( 2004) 14min
small orchestra
( - 2.2. - Timp, strings -
Premiere: May 16, 2004. Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA. Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra.
This piece was made possible by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation and is dedicated to Bernard Rands at 70.
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Jusuiraku ( 2001) 13min
large orchestra.
( - 4.2.2. - 2 perc, strings -
Premiere: October 10, 2002. Ardrey Auditorium, NAU, Flagstaff, AZ. Northern Arizona University Orchestra, Victor Liva, cond.

Saturation and Purge (1999) 9min
large orchestra.
( - - 2 perc, hrp, pno, strings)
Premiere: June 4, 1999. American Composers
Orchestra, Masonic Hall, NY. Paul Dunkel, cond.
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Chamber Orchestra/Large Ensemble:

Fortress Brass (2016) 80min
(7 trumpets, 8 trombones, throat singer, three boats, and a fortress)
Premiere: July 23, 2016
Trumpets: Philippe Brunet, Annie Lemieux, Jerome Burns, Alexandria Smith; Trombones: Weston Olencki, Peter Charig, Cale Israel (Fort Gorges, Portland Harbor, ME)
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Future Lilacs (2016) 20min
(Saxophone Quartet (Soprano, Alto (doubling Hookah Sax), Tenor, Baritone) and Partch Instruments (Adapted Electric Guitar, Adapted Viola, Castor, Pollux, Chromelodeon, Cloud Chamber Bowls, Bass Marimba)
Premiere: June 11, 2016. Prism Saxophone Quartet and the Partch Ensemble (Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Perelman Theater, Philadelphia, PA IA. Commissioned by PRIMS Quartet, Inc. with support from the Pew Center for the Arts and Heritage and the MAP Fund.
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Rapt Afterness (2015) 13min
(Bb clarinet solo, Wind Ensemble (picc, 4 fls, 2 obs, 8 cls, bs cl, 2 bsn, 2 alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, 4 Bb trpts, 4 horns, 4 trmb, 2 euphoniums, 2 tubas, 5 perc) Premiere: February 26, 2016. Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA. Gregory Oakes, Bb clarinet solo, Iowa State University Wind Ensemble. Commissioned by the Iowa State University Bands for Gregory Oakes.

Fanfares for the Apocalypse(2015) 15min
(trumpet solo, 3 fls, 2 cls, 4 horns, 2 trmb, 3 perc) Premiere: September 26, 2015. Gusman Concert Hall, Frost School of Music, Miami, FL. Commissioned by The Henry Mancini Institute for Philippe Brunet. Philippe Brunet, trumpet, Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra.
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The Four Contemplations (2015) 60min
(6 vlns solo, 2 vlas, 2 cllos, + extended vocalist + 22 portable mp3 players) Premiere: March 26, 2015. RISD Museum, Providence Rhode Island. Commissioned by Community MusicWorks with support from the MAP Fund.

Zetsu (2015) 20min
(vln solo, 2 cls (doubling hookah sax), 2 perc, 2 celli, 2 bs) Premiere: February 22, 2015. Cal Performances, Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Commissioned by a grant from the TenFourteen LLC, an arm of the Jebediah Foundation.
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Echoes of Ancient Industry (2010) 20min
(bass flute, contrabass cl., 2 hrns, 3 perc., vla, cllo, 2 Cb)
Premiere: Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, Eduardo Leandro, cond. Nov. 17, Recital Hall, SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

Like Dusted Sparks (2008) 14min
Timpani concerto with Wind Ensemble (4 picc., 2 cl., 2 bs cl., 2 bari sax, 4 trpt, 4 hrns, 4 tbn, 2 tba, 2 perc.)
Premiere: November 21, 2008. Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble. Sam Solomon, timpani soloist; Eric Hewitt, cond. (Bulger Performing Arts Center, Boston College High School, Boston, MA )

Necropolis (2007) 10min
Premiere: August 3-5, 2007.  NJO Summer Academy, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.
Bas Wiegers, cond.  Commissioned by the Netherlands Youth Orchestra (NJO, Nationaal Jeugd Orkest)

Talus (2007) 18min
concerto for viola and string orchestra
(strings –
Premiere: March 23, 2007.  Pickman Hall, Longy School of Music, Boston, MA. Kalistos Ensemble. Wendy Richman, viola. Chris Kim, cond.
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Ga-uah-Chon-Ch-cha (a Song of the Rapture) (2006) 3min
for large ensemble
(2 picc/alto flute, bs cl., alto sax, baritone sax, trmpt, hrn, 2 tbn, perc., elec. guit., elec. bass, piano, voices (soloists) - 2 sop., mezzo, tenor, baritone)
Premiere: Feb. 25, 2006. Podium Gigant, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Orkest de Ereprijs. Rob Vermeulen, cond.
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all moments stop here and together we become every memory that has ever been 14min30sec
14 instruments and music boxes (2003)
(fl., ob., bs cl., cbn , trmpt, hrn, tbn, perc., piano, strings -
Premiere: May 24, 2003. Paine Hall, Harvard University. Boston Modern
Orchestra Project. Gil Rose, cond.
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Animal Sendai (2001) 6min 12sec
18 amplified instruments and electronic sounds.
( - 1.1.1. - alto sax, tenor sax - synth, perc, 2 sop, strings -
Premiere: March 23, 2001. New York State Museum, Albany, NY. Albany
Symphony Orchestra's Dogs of Desire. David Alan Miller, cond.

A Palimpsest History of Canto V (1998) 11min 20sec
Chamber Symphony
( - 1.1.1. - pno, strings -
Premiere: Yale Philharmonia, New Music New Haven,
Lawrence Leighton Smith cond.,

Ensemble (4-8 players):

Babbling (2016)15min
For reed quintet [oboe; soprano saxophone (doubling hookah sax); Bb clarinet; bass clarinet; bassoon]
Premiered: November 6, 2016. Splinter Reeds. Festival of New American Music, Sacramento State School of Music, Capistrano Concert Hall, Sacramento, CA.
Commissioned by Splinter Reeds with support from New Music USA Project Grant, 2016.   

Sawdust on Ararat (2016)­20min
For solo oboe (w/amplified snare resonator), flute, clarinet, 2 percussion, 2 cellos)
Premiered: May 26, 2016. Lenny Young, oboe, Alia Musica, Federico Garcia, cond. Heymann Theater, Pittsburgh, PA.
Commissioned by Alia Musica Pittsburgh with support from the Pittsburgh Foundation and dedicated to Alia Musica and its director, Federico Garcia-De Castro.

Bucephalus Dreams of Exotic Wives 6min
For the Atlas Ensemble
For tar, pipa, sho, viola and cello
Premiered: June 30, 2013. Auditorio Novacaixagalicia, Sonutopias Campusculturae, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Peradam 20min
Commissioned by Other Minds for the Del Sol String Quartet For amplified string quartet Premiered: March 3, 2012. Kanbar Hall, Other Minds Festival 17, Jewish Cultural Center of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
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Kumatology 15min
For amplified quartet [baritone saxophone, percussion, electric guitar, and electric organ]
Commissioned by Flexible Music
Premiered: March 21, 2010. Ewell Recital Hall, Ewell Concert Series, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

Archaeologies of the Future ~18min
For amplified sextet (bass flute, Ken [extended voice soloist), perc., piano (w/3 eBow preparations), viola, cello]
Commissioned by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
This pieces was made possible by support from the Northern California Composers Commissioning Program of the American Composers Forum, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, 2008
Premiered: Nov. 1, 2009. ODC, San Franciso, CA.

Charge of the Malcontents a little over 1min
for John Kochevar (for any four bugles)

A Book of Months 19min
commissioned by Relâche [fl., ob., cl. (dbl alto sax), cntra bsn, perc., pno (dbl alto voice), vla, contra bass]
Premiered: Jan. 28, 2005. Prince Music Theatre, Philadelphia, PA.
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Aphasia 9min
for the Rosa Ensemble (amplified soprano saxophone, violin, piano and percussion)
Premiered: Dec. 10, 2004. Kikker Theatre, Utrecht, the Netherlands

July 23,from sunrise to sunset, the summer of the S.E.P.S.A. bus rides 1min
destra e sinistra Around Ischia just to get tomorrow's scatolame
for the Prism Quartet on the occasion of their 20th anniversary
For saxophone quartet - soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones.
Premiered: Nov. 18, 2004. Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Symphony Space, NYC, NY.
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Márquez for Non Sequitur 19min
Commissioned by the Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College.
Premiered Oct. 18, 2002 by Non-Sequitur
For 6 instruments (fl, bs cl., perc., piano, vln, cllo) + 7 boomboxes
(or 1 boombox and stereo mix-down of aggregate boombox parts).
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...blood blossoms... - for the Bang on a Can All-Stars. 14min
Premiered May 15, 2002.
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Published by the European American Music Distributors Company (Schott Music Group)

...a.m... - for So Percussion Group 21min
for percussion quartet and digital alarm clocks.
Premiered March 16, 2002.
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Pharmakon (2001) for Eighth Blackbird 19min
Premiered: Alice Tully Hall, March 5, 2002.
For flute (alto & piccolo dbls), clarinet (bs cl. Dbling), perc., piano, vln, cllo
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Red Breast (2001) 8min 30sec
amplified ensemble of sop. w/digital delay, Eb, Bb, and bass clarinets.,
& harp, on text by Emily Dickinson. September, 2001.
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Zero Cosmology (2000) for the Atlantic Brass Quintet. 12min
For 2 trpts, hrn, trmb, tuba
[ download mp3 (17.1mb) ]

Senexis Orichalcum (2000) for the Skyline Brass Quartet 13min
In 7 mvts. . April 17, 2000. Huxley, IA.

Everyday Stuff 2min
for any number of children performing amplified found objects.
Premiered: Sept. 23, 2000. Art@Night, Jamaica Plains, MA.. 4th and
5th graders from AME education program.

Toxis Chromaticus - string quartet 16min
Premiered: July 13, 1999. Wellesley Composers Conference.
Curtis Macomber, Laura Frautschi, violins; Lois Martin,
viola; Joshua Gordon, - cello. In 4 mvts.
[ read program notes ] - [ download mp3: Toxis I - Toxis II - Toxis III - Toxis IV ]

NoHowOn (Quartet Version) 9min
Premiered: Nov. 4, 1998, Christ and St. Stephen's Church, NY. Elm City Ensemble.
Scored for Cl., Vln., Cllo., Piano.
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NoHowOn - Pierrot + perc. 8min
Aspen Music Festival, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, 1998.
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The Circular Pentagram - Pierrot minus perc. 7min
Premiered: Aspen Music Festival, the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, 1997.

Chamber (2-3):

Alation (2017) 14min
for ajaeng and piano
Premiered: December 22, 2017. Members of Geori: Jared Redmond, piano; Minseon Choi, ajaeng (Ilshin Hall, Seoul, Korea)

Ghost Flowers (2016) 13min
for viola, cimbalom, guitar
Premiered: July 30, 2016. Members of ICE: Wendy Richman, viola, Dan Lippel, guitar, Nathan Davis, cimbalom (2016 NY PHIL BIENNIAL, Mostly Mozart Festival, Hearst Plaza, Lincoln Center, New York, NY)

for three blindfolded players playing bass drums and screaming 8min
Premiered: May 9, 2015. Ken Ueno + Living Earth Show (Composers Inc., First Congregational Church, Berkeley, CA)

for flutes (deconstructed contrabass, C flute, Kingma system C flute w/glissando headjoint) and percussion 21min Commissioned by the A/B duo Premiered TBD

Secret Meridian
for lyric soprano w/8-channel loop station, electric guitar, and kit drums ~6min
For Amy X Neuberg and Paul Dresher
Premiered December 5, 2014. Paul Dresher Ensemble (Cal Performances, Zellerbach Playhousel, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA)

Stars Like Sibilants Speak
for clarinet and sho (doubling cl) + Max/MSP (2013) 30min
for Duo X
Premiered April 11, 2013. Duo X (University of Chicago, Chicago, IL)

for flute (with glissando head joint) and viola (2012) 6min
Composed: December, 2012
for Tod Brody and Earplay
Premiered February 4, 2012. Earplay (ODC, San Francisco, CA)

Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese on a Kaiser Bun (2012) 18min16sec
for quarter-tone electric guitar, quarter-tone vibes, and percussion
for the Living Earth Show Composed: Summer, 2012

A Shorter Arrangement of "Visible Reminder of Invisible Light," making the title longer
for violin, cello, and piano 5min
Premiered May 4, 2013. Collide-o-Scope Music (the cell A Twenty First Century Salon, New York, NY)

Visible Reminder of Invisible Light
for violin, cello, and piano 13min
Composed: August, 2011
Premiere July 16, 2013. LONGLEASH (Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA)
Published by the European American Music Distributors Company (Schott Music Group)

from a single calligraphic stroke, a vision of N’Shima emerges
for daegum, viola, and cello 8min
Comissioned by the Pacific Rim Festival
Premiered April 22, 2010. Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea & the Del Sol String Quartet (UCSC Music Recital Hall, Pacific Rim Music Festival, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA)

for piano and marimba with video (by Yukihiro Taguchi) 4min50sec Comissioned by Ensemble Cross.Art
Premiered February 26, 2010 Ensemble Cross.Art (Experimental Sound, Art & Performance Festival 2010, Wonder Site, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan)

for two baritone saxophones 1min47sec
For Michael Straus and Griffin Campbell
Premiere November 1, 2009. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA – Michael Straus and Griffin Campbell, baritone saxophones.

Two Hands
for viola ands percussion 18min
For Kim Kashkashian and Robyn Schulkowsky
Commissioned by Kim Kashkashian
Premiered June 11, 2009. Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival, Kirk in the Hills, Bloomfield HIlls, MI – Kim Kashkashian, viola; Gwen Burgett, percussion.

The Vague Border at the Edge of Time
for ryuteki, hichiriki, and sho 10min30sec
For Norman “Norm” Roberson in memoriam
Commissioned by the Japan Society for Reigakusha Ensemble
Premiered October 10, 2008. Japan Society, New York, NY – members of Reigaku-sha

That I may time transend, that a universe my heart may unfold
for sho and accordion 13min
Commissioned by the Takefu International Music Festival
Premiered September 8, 2008. Takefu International Music Festival, Takefu, Japan – Mayumi Miyata, sho; Teodoro Anzellotti, accordion.

I pulse, when you breathe
for soprano and alto flute. 8min30sec
For the Prana Duo
Premiered May 4, 2008. The Middle East, Cambridge, MA, the Prana Duo
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for viola, percussion, and electronics 25min
For Kim Kashkashian and Robyn Schulkowsky
Premiere May 6, 2007. Senddesaal des WDR, Klaus-von-Bismark-Saal, Cologne, Germany.

A shorter arrangement of Two believers, on opposite sides of the same ocean,
transcribing the same sky, at the same time, one at sunset, the other at sunrise,
one which makes the title longer
for sho and Bb clarinet. 5min30sec
Premiered Jan. 23, 2007.
Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Atlas Ensemble.

Motor Skill as Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction
for violin and cello. 14min25sec
For Biliana Voutchkova
Premiered Dec. 13, 2006. Red Hall, The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria – DUOKAYA.

Disjecta - for horn, violin, piano 16min
Premiered April 10, 2004. Pickman Hall, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA.
Radius Ensemble.
Commissioned by the Radius Ensemble funded in part by a grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts and Meet the Composer, Inc., with additional support from ASCAP, the Virgil Thomson Fund, and with additional support from the six New England state arts agencies and the National Endowment for the Arts.
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Two believers, on opposite sides of the same ocean, transcribing the same sky, at the same time, one at sunset, the other at sunrise
for sho and Bb clarinet. 10min
Premiered Oct. 23, 2003. Rumor 31 Japan-o-rama festival, Utrecht,
the Netherlands - Duo X.

Zansetsu - for overtone singer, violin and electronics 12min
Premiered Dec. 12, 2002. CCRMA, Stanford University.
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Vertical Features Remake 2 25min
Premiered Feb. 9, 2002, Seully Hall, Boston Conservatory - Odd Appetite.

Vertical Features Remake 1 11min
for amplified mandolin and amplified soda cans (1 percussionist)
For Robert Banghart. August, 2001.
Premiered Nov.14, 2001. Juneau, Alaska.

WATT - for baritone saxophone, percussion and electronic sounds. 11min
Premiered Feb. 11, 2001. Public Radio Benefit at The Dead End Café,
Parksville, NY. yesaroun Duo.
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Contemplation on Little Big Muff 13min
for amplified - cello and percussion
Premiered Nov. 12, 2000. Rollins Chapel, Dartmouth College.
Odd Appetite duo: Nathan Davis, perc., Ha-Yang Kim, amplified cello.
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La Mere. - for flute and marimba. 7min
Mar. 12, 2000. Paine Hall, Harvard Univ. Susan Hampton, flute,
Nanae Mimura, marimba.

Bagatelles for Violin Duo. - 12min
June 23, 1999. Norfolk Festival. Gemini Duo.

Skyline Abstractions. - for bass clarinet and piano. Nov. 5, 1999. 12min
Christ and St. Stephen's Church, NY. Duo Chiaroscuro. In 3 mvts.
[ read program notes ] - [ download mp3: Abstractions I - Abstractions II - Abstractions III ]

Yellow 632 8min 30sec
for 3 percussionists playing Big Bird toys. Eduardo Leandro,
Nathan Davis, Douglas Perkins, perc. Nov. 19, 1998, New Music New Haven.
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Solemnity and Agitation - flute and piano 6min 30sec
North Prospect church in Cambridge, 1997.


Chimera 25min
for solo five-string baroque cello
Commissioned by Elinor Frey with support from a New Music Project USA Grant

Vedananupassana 10min
for solo violin

FffhluT duration variable
for any flute head joint
For Orlando Cela

Ed è Subito Sera 3min
for guitar solo
Commissioned by Aaron Larget-Caplan's Lullaby Project
Composed February 2013

Fire Starter 2min30sec
for piano solo
Commissioned by the International Beethoven Project
Composed July 2012

Volcano 10min
for piano solo
For Seda Röder
Composed September 2011

Song for Sendai 6min
for singing violist
For Wendy Richman
Composed August 2011
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Remembering Animal Sendai 4min
for flute and CD
Composed March 31, 2011

Tsuki no Uta
or Koto and voice 5min25sec
For Kyoko Kawamura.
Premiered Sept. 22, 2010. Tohkeiji Temple, Kamakura, Japan
Kyoko Kawamura, koto and voice

Campanology 5min
for carillon
For Tiffany Ng. Composed March-April 2010.
Premiere May 30, 2010. Sather Tower Carillon, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. Tiffany Ng, carillon.

Xylotudes for Sammy: I-III 3min45sec
(I.Typing, II. One mallet, One hand, III. Chasing hands
for solo xylophone
Composed December. 2009
Premiere March 20, 2010. Day of Percussion, Etude Concert, Concert Room, Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA.

...with the silence of the fishes... 3min
for solo toy piano
For Xenia Pestova. Composed May 2009

One by one, I collect the fragments of my song from harmonies which abound in the air unheard. 10min
for solo violin and interactive electronics
For Lina Bahn. Composed October-November 2008.
Premiere November 7, 2008. Camp Concert Hall, Modlin Center for the Arts, Third Practice
Electroacoustic Music Festival , University of Richmond, Richmond, VA. Lina Bahn, violin.
Commissioned by the Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival.

The Articulate Surface 5min 17sec
for solo snare drum
For Sam Solomon. Composed June 2008
Premiere October 19, 2008. Day of Percussion, Etude Concert, Concert Room, Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA. Casey Cangelosi, snare drum.

Variation on Kai's Theme 1min
for solo piano
For Kai Schumacher. Composed November 2007.

Synchronism Six-Zero 1min
for solo piano
For Guy Livingston. Composed July 2007.
Premiered October 4, 2007Fondation de Etats-Unis, Paris, France
Guy Livingston, piano

Disabitato 8min20sec
for solo piano
For Andrew Russo. Composed July 2007.
Premiered Oct. 15, 2007. Nuovi Spazi Musica, Villa Aurelia,
The American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy
Andrew Russo, piano
Published by the European American Music Distributors Company (Schott Music Group)

Talus (solo + live electronics version) (2007) 18min
for viola and live electronics
For Wendy Richman. Composed July 2006.
Premiered May 26, 2007. Villa Aurelia,
The American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy
Wendy Richman, amplified Viola.

I screamed at the sea until nodes swelled up, then my voice became the resonant noise of the sea 8min30sec
for amplified Bb clarinet
For Greg Oakes. Composed July 2006.
Premiered Aug. 11, 2006. ClarinetFest 2006, Atlanta, GA
Greg Oakes, amplified Bb clarinet.

Kizu - for Koto and voice 8min30sec
For Kyoko Kawamura. Composed June 2006.
Premiered Oct. 3, 2009. Tohkeiji Temple, Kamakura, Japan
Kyoko Kawamura, koto and voice

...where Ginkgo grow in Borromean knots - for Kayagum with Changgu ossia 7min30sec
Composed Sept. 2005. Premiered July 23, 2007. Musicasa Hall, Tokyo, Japan, presented as part of the Tokyo Summer Music Festival. Jocelyn Clark, kayagum.

whatWALL? - for alto saxophone and electronics 15min
Premiered July 11, 2003. World Saxophone Congress, Univ. of Minnesota
Brian Sacawa, alto saxophone.
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Age of Aircraft - for amplified cello and electronics 12min
Premiered Dec. 12, 2002. Hochschule für Musik Würzburg, Germany
Ha-Yang Kim, amplified cello.

inflation of BUREAUCRACY 9min 30sec
(for voice and quadraphonic tape) -
April 20, 2002. Paine Hall, Harvard Univ. Ken Ueno, voice.

Oto - for solo piano. 60min
Premiered Jan. 24, 2002. Centro Musica,
Modena, Italy. Ken Ueno, amplified piano.

Vertical Features - for solo amplified mandolin. Duration indeterminate
August, 2001.

Entropy of Cigarette Butts Across the Universe 12min
for solo amplified violin
Premiered April 28, 2001. Wellesley College.
Brenda van der Merwe, amplified violin.

Theatre in Music - March 10, 2001. 20min
Paine Hall, Harvard Univ. Eduardo Leandro, marimba.
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Introit: Vox Boombox Remixus 3min 25sec
Mar. 12, 2000. Paine Hall, Harvard Univ. boombox solo.

Diastema (for Solo Tuba) - 10min 30sec
Mar. 4, 1999. New Music New Haven.
Karen Bulmer, tuba.

Shinju - for carillon. Paul Fadoul, carillon. 1998. 3min

Soliloquy for Violin - North Prospect church in Cambridge, 1997. 3min

An Idea of Order - for organ. 6min 20sec
North Prospect church in Cambridge, 1997.

Aquarelle Fantaisie - piano. 4min
North Prospect church in Cambridge, 1997. Akiko Kitaoka, piano.


Komorebi (2015) 8min
For Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (amplified voices: S, S, MS, T, B, B) Commissioned by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart Premiered June 23, 2015. Loke Yew Hall, HKU, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, vocals

Prologue to a Thousand Years (2014) 6min30sec
SSAABBBB for a video work by Ira Eduardova

A lettrist bottle, a fountain of everything I’ve ever intended to say, may it reach you on your desert island, that we may start anew - for Volti. 7min30sec
May 4, 2012. Volti. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA

Shiroi Ishi - for The Hilliard Ensemble. 11min
May 26, 2001. The Hilliard Ensemble. Paine Hall, Harvard Univ.
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White Stone - SSAA girls choir. 3min 30sec

Beckett Song - for solo voice. April, 1999. 7min

La Cles des Chants - high voice and piano. 11min
North Prospect church in Cambridge, 1997.

Works for Self (vocals +/- Laptop):

Reverse Swastikas Mark the Place of Buddhist Temples
for singer and Max/MSP (with wireless mic and iPhone controller)
Premiered November 24, 2008, Ken Ueno , extended voice (Hertz Hall, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA)

Love requited but unfulfilled, under the stars, Sukkeien Garden, Hiroshima, Sunday, August 4, 1945, 12 hours before the bomb 14min21sec
for Onda [Ken Ueno , voice; Hillary Zipper, violin; Tim Feeney, perc.], premiered 6 November 2005 (Composers in Red Sneakers Concert, Pickman Hall, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA)
[ read program notes ] - [ download mp3 (20.1mb) ]

Huyu no Hana
for Onda [Ken Ueno, voice; Hillary Zipper, violin; Tim Feeney percussion], (Friend Recital Hall, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA)

Zatsuon no Kaze
for Onda [Ken Ueno, voice; Hillary Zipper, violin; Tim Feeney percussion], (Paine Hall, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)

Ken Ueno, throat-singing + Max/Msp (NWEAMO festival, Portland, OR)
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Shiroi Haru no Hana 12min15sec
Onda (Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC, NY)
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a thick band of gray, a line that elides the end of day into the beginning of night
for singer and Max/MSP (with SPAT and La Kitchen sensors)
Ken Ueno , extended voice (Midway Studios Theater, Boston, MA)

Stage Work:

Leakage - for 8-channel tape and on-stage performer. 10min

Music for - Oswald's Triptych - electronic music 20min
for first internet simulcast theatre production in America.
Apr. 16-17, 1999. Yale University.